[set] (past tense and past participle set) verb I
1) [T] to put someone or something in a position, or to be in a particular place or position
Tea's ready, he told them and set down the tray.[/ex]
She set the baby on the floor to play.[/ex]
2) [T] to make a piece of equipment ready to operate, or ready to start at a particular time
The bomb was set to go off at eight o'clock.[/ex]
I'm setting the alarm for 6.30.[/ex]
3) [T] to decide where or when an event will happen
Have they set a date for the wedding?[/ex]
4) [T] to decide the price, value, or level of something
The central bank is responsible for setting interest rates.[/ex]
5) [T] to establish a rule, standard, limit etc that people must follow
Their teacher sets high standards and expects everyone to meet them.[/ex]
Opposition parties have set conditions for cooperating with the government.[/ex]
You should set an example for your younger brothers.[/ex]
6) [T] to give something to someone to do or achieve
You'll never get anywhere if you don't set yourself any goals.[/ex]
The teacher set us an essay to do over the weekend.[/ex]
7) [T] to put someone or something in a particular state
The suspect has been accused of setting the restaurant on fire.[/ex]
Don't set the dog loose.[/ex]
The hostages have been set free after 34 days in captivity.[/ex]
8) [T] if a play, book, film etc is set in a particular time or place, it happens in that time or place
The film is set in 18th-century New England.[/ex]
9) [I] when the sun sets, it goes below the HORIZON at the end of the day
10) [I] if a liquid sets, it forms a solid substance
a type of concrete that sets in 15 minutes[/ex]
11) [I/T] to put the two ends of a broken bone back together, or to be joined in this way
set the stage for sth — to create the conditions in which something is likely to happen[/ex]
- set about sth
- set sb against sb
- set sb/sth apart
- set sth aside
- set sth back
- set sth down
- set forth
- set in
- set off
- set sth off
- set out
- set sth out
- set sb up
- set sth up
noun [C]
set */*/*/[set]
1) a group of things that belong together
Teachers are given a set of guidelines for dealing with violent students.[/ex]
a set of keys[/ex]
Winners will receive a complete set of REM albums.[/ex]
2) a piece of equipment that receives television or radio signals
a TV set[/ex]
3) a theatre stage, or a place where a film or television programme is made
This photograph was taken on the set of her latest film.[/ex]
4) a part of a tennis match consisting of at least six games
5) a series of songs that are played or sung in a performance
set */[set]
1) already decided or agreed
There's no set time limit for the job.[/ex]
He charges a set fee for his services.[/ex]
2) not willing to change your opinion or way of doing things
He's old and stubborn and set in his ways.[/ex]
3) ready to do something
Gillian is getting set to do a world tour.[/ex]
Are you all set for the party tonight?[/ex]
4) likely to do something
Car repair costs are set to rise under the new proposals.[/ex]
5) a set book or TEXT contains information that students must study before an examination

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